Virtual Mobile Numbers For Australian Businesses (2023)

Features & Benefits of Virtual Mobile Numbers

Give customers a personalised service experience by sharing a mobile number with them.

According to statistics, people are more likely to answer calls if they are coming from mobile compared to a landline.

Virtual mobile numbers can receive multiple simultaneous inbound calls. You can configure inbound calls to be routed to different agents using our PBX tools; ring groups, caller ID based routing, time conditions - routing based on the time of day, and more.

Receive companywide inbound SMS to email with policy-based access.

Deliver voicemails to business email addresses using our voicemail to email feature.

Enable both incoming and outgoing call recording with no storage restrictions. Recordings will be sent to specified email address(es).

You can configure call diversion and our simultaneous ring feature for your virtual mobile number. Using one number, several mobile phones can ring at the same time.

Real-time reporting on call distribution, missed calls, user performance statistics, and more.

A perfect solution for small businesses who want to keep taking calls on their existing mobile number. Even when their call volumes increase and a single mobile device is no longer enough to handle all customer enquiries.

If you are frequently traveling abroad, you can port your mobile number to VoIPLine and use our service without international roaming.

Install a VoIP App on your smartphone to make and receive calls over the internet, enjoying lower call rates with VoIP technology.

Anywhere in the world, you can use our service without roaming, all you need is internet access.

Letting you call Australian or overseas numbers, receive calls and SMS, and check your voicemails over any available internet connection.

Activate a new mobile number or port your existing number:

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Australian Virtual Mobile Numbers

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a virtual mobile number?

    A virtual mobile number is the same as a common mobile number, the only difference being that you don't need a physical SIM card to use it. This peculiarity allows you to use a virtual mobile number on any device where you can make and receive calls, not just smartphones. Also, because the virtual mobile number uses VoIP technology, users have access to incredible additional features that SIM mobile number owners can't even dream of.

  • Why do I need an Australian virtual mobile number?

    According to recent surveys, Australian customers prefer to answer and make calls to mobile numbers more than to landline numbers. Best of all, you don't need a physical SIM card to use a virtual Australian mobile number: with VoIPline's PBX, you can use virtual mobile numbers on smartphones via softphone as well as on computers and VoIP phones. Moreover, you'll have access to tools such as call recording, voice menu, voicemail to email and a dozen of other smart features.

  • How many Australian virtual mobile numbers can I have?

    As much as you want or need. The best part is that there are no restrictions for connection of numbers to devices. While with a SIM mobile number the rule is: one number, one device; with VoIP you can connect many virtual mobile numbers to one device or distribute them to a whole group of agents for easy management of sales channels.

  • Can I bring my existing Australian virtual mobile number from a different provider?

    Yes, of course. If you would like to transfer your existing virtual mobile number from another provider to VoIPline Telecom, we are happy to help you. The porting takes no longer than 3 business days and the process can be conveniently tracked from the customer portal. Visit the dedicated page to find out more.

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We also offer the following services to cover your most demanding requirements

Virtual Mobile Numbers For Australian Businesses (2)

1300 numbers

Visit 1300 page

A professional image
does not have to be expensive.
Get your toll free number today!

Virtual Mobile Numbers For Australian Businesses (3)

1800 numbers

Visit 1800 page

One simple plan with one simple rate.
Activate your 1800 number today!

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Virtual Mobile Numbers For Australian Businesses (4)


Visit internet page

Guaranteed voice quality via our NBN
and On-Net Fibre connections.

Virtual Mobile Numbers For Australian Businesses (5)

International inbound
phone numbers

View more info

Connect phone numbers from over 50 countries around the world. Make it easier for your overseas customers to reach you.

Virtual Mobile Numbers For Australian Businesses (6)

Voice Artist

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Impress your clients with
professionally recorded greetings.

Virtual Mobile Numbers For Australian Businesses (7)

Number Porting

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Number porting supported.
Keep your existing phone number
wherever you go.

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Number Porting

Keep your existing number

Porting your number to VoIPLine Telecom gives you the flexibility to move anywhere while still keeping the same number.
We support number porting from all Australian carriers.
Number belongs to you and can also be ported away to any other provider.

In order to start your Number Porting application please sign into your account and click Porting TAB or sign up for your 14-day free trial

Log into your account or Start your 14-day FREE TRIAL TODAY!

Local Number Porting

CAT A - simple porting (any carrier)

Simple porting (any carrier) $22.00

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Monthly hosting fee
(per number per month)

Rejection fees:
CAT A rejection

Note: CAT A in most cases is porting from basic PSTN(copper) line but in some cases other VoIP Providers also allow CAT A porting. Please give us a call to confirm.
If incorrect information is supplied on the porting application and your porting is rejected, Rejection fees will apply.
Prices in AUD inc GST;

CAT C - complex porting (any carrier)

CAT C 1-100 numbers in one number block $220.00

Monthly hosting fee (per number per month)$0.95

PNV rejection fees:
CAT C 1-100 numbers rejection

Rejection fees:
Post PNV acceptance rejection per number

Note: CAT C is porting of services from other carriers supplying ISDN or VoIP services. Multiple numbers can be ported at the same time for one fixed price. Numbers must be on the same account.
If incorrect information is supplied on the porting application and your porting is rejected, Rejection fees will apply. Please note it is important that services with the current service provider are not terminated until the porting status has been confirmed as completed. Failure to comply with this could result in a rejection fee of $22 per number within batch(es).
Prices in AUD inc GST;

1300/1800 Number Porting

Porting to VoIPLine from another carrier $55$0.00

Porting out from VoIPLine to another carrier $0.00

Rejection fees:
1300/1800 rejection

Note: If incorrect information is supplied on the porting application and your porting is rejected, Rejection fees will apply. Information about available monthly hosting plans is published here.
Prices in AUD inc GST;
Limited time offer. Valid for porting applications received before 31.12.2022.

Mobile Numbers

Porting to VoIPline from another carrier $22.00

Porting out from VoIPLine to another carrier $0.00

Rejection fees: Mobile numbers $18.00

Monthly hosting fee (per number per month) $7.95

Note: Porting charges are once-off fees, and monthly subscription fees apply per mobile number. Each ported number must be linked to an active service or subscription after porting in order to stay connected.
Prices in AUD inc GST;
Virtual Mobile Numbers For Australian Businesses (8)

Porting of Overseas Numbers

We support number porting in many other countries, including New Zealand. For pricing information for porting of overseas number, please email, specify the number you would like to port, origination Country and current service provider. We will then provide detailed information for porting procedures for the selected country.

Porting of Overseas Numbers

We support number porting in many other countries, including New Zealand. For pricing information for porting of overseas number, please email, specify the number you would like to port, origination Country and current service provider. We will then provide detailed information for porting procedures for the selected country. Virtual Mobile Numbers For Australian Businesses (9)

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Number porting

Frequently asked questions

  • What is required from me to port a number to VoIPline?

    Everything is quite simple. All you need is to submit an application in customer portal: fill data in fields, e.g. name of the former provider (losing carrier), your account number there and which numbers you want to port to VoIPline. Also, you will need to attach a recent invoice from the losing carrier in any convenient format: image or PDF — it will prove that you actually possess a number(s). That's all, the rest of the work will be done by our porting team.

  • How long does it take to port a number(s) to VoIPline?

    Our porting team works every business day and operates all porting applications they get on the same day but there are some factors that affect the porting speed.

    First, it's required to get a response from the losing carrier: the faster he responds, the faster the porting will be. Also, it depends on the type of the number: geographic, toll-free or mobile — toll-free and mobile are much faster than geographic numbers due to peculiarity of telecommunication systems.

    Overall, average porting time for toll-free and mobile numbers is up to 3 business days, up to two weeks for a single geographic number and up to 4 weeks for a number range.

  • Is there any outage for the number work during the porting?

    No, there's no outage during the porting process. Before the actual port of the number to VoIPline Telecom the number will continue to work with the previous provider. The cutover day usually happens at night to minimise the chance of any disconnections: you wake up and the number already works with a VoIPline Telecom.

    Also, we allow you to add the porting number to your call flow before the cutover day. Configure it for required users, queues, call recordings and so on. Once the porting happens, the number will start working the way you configured it before — it's very convenient.

  • How does CAT-C port differ from CAT-A?

    The main difference is in the quantity of porting numbers. With CAT-A you can port only one number while with CAT-C you port up to one hundred numbers at a time.

  • Why a rejection can happen?

    A porting rejection most often happens because of inattention. It is very important to provide all details correctly, without typos and so on. When we will pass the porting information to the losing carrier, he can reject it because of the typo in the account number or phone number. Even though our porting team checks the provided invoice with the data in the application, it's still recommended to double check all details before submissions. This way you can not only reduce time porting but also save money.

Let's talk

Virtual Mobile Numbers For Australian Businesses (10)

If you have any other questions about the porting process, feel free to contact our support team

Have special requirements?
Let us tailor a solution to suit your needs

We’d be happy to give you a call and go through your requirements. Once we understand your needs, we will provide you with a detailed quotation. We can also create custom call plans, integrate with third party systems and customise the setup to create a custom solution based on your requirements.

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Hosted PBX 14-day free trial today!

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Can I get a virtual Australian mobile number? ›

Australian Virtual Mobile Numbers

A virtual mobile number is the same as a common mobile number, the only difference being that you don't need a physical SIM card to use it. This peculiarity allows you to use a virtual mobile number on any device where you can make and receive calls, not just smartphones.

How do I get a virtual phone number for my business? ›

If you'd prefer written instructions, just keep reading.
  1. Nextiva. Nextiva is the top virtual business phone number service provider on the market. ...
  2. RingCentral. RingCentral is a popular virtual phone service provider for small and enterprise businesses. ...
  3. Ooma Office Phone. ...
  4. Grasshopper. ...
  5. Google Voice (Free) ...
  6. ...
  7. eVoice.
21 Sept 2022

Can I get a free phone number for my business? ›

Google Voice

This is probably one of the more popular free business phone services because there are millions of Gmail users worldwide. Google Voice allows you to text and call for free on Android, iOS, and any computer via a web app. Google Voice also does basic transcriptions of voice mails.

How can I get an Australian number for free? ›

Get a free Australia phone number at, and start with a free trial. Our website allows you to pick your own number, have it activated within 3 minutes, and manage your call forwarding and other smart features online. Enjoy the best free Australia phone number service available.

Does Google offer a virtual phone number? ›

Google Voice gives you a phone number for calls, texts, and voicemails. You can use this number to make domestic and international calls from your web browser and mobile devices. If you're in the US, you can choose your own number.

How can I get WhatsApp number in Australia for free? ›

You can get a cheap Australian virtual phone number for WhatsApp personal and professional use by signing up with KrispCall. After signing up, select Australia from the country list, then click request number(s) as per your requirements.

Is Google Voice free for business? ›

Important: To use Google Voice features, subscribe to Google Voice for business, which starts at $10 USD per user, per month, and to Google Workspace. Google Workspace starts at $6 per user per month and includes the following: An ad-free Gmail account with your company's domain name, such as

Is Google Voice good for business? ›

With its affordable plans, Google Voice is a great fit for small businesses looking for a straightforward VoIP platform with basic features for business communications. It also works best for Google Workspace users and remote teams who travel frequently and use multiple devices at the same time.

Can I use Google Voice personal for my business? ›

Google Voice can be used for business purposes as well, although it has some limitations. We spoke with small business owners to learn more about the pros and cons of using Google Voice as your company's VoIP solution. We'll also look at how users rate the tool.

How do I get a business phone number for my business? ›

The easiest and most reliable way to get a business phone number is through a VoIP provider. One or more virtual numbers are included in each available plan, providing access to scalable business phone number solutions with only the features you need.

How can I get a free virtual phone number? ›

  1. Google Voice is easily the most well-known free business phone number provider, offering free calls within the United States.
  2. FreedomPop is a free VoIP phone number provider that allows users to keep their existing phone numbers or select a new one.
20 Oct 2022

Which app gives free number? ›

Download the TextNow app, pick a free phone number (or bring your own) with the US area code of your choice, and start calling and texting now.

Can I get a Australian mobile number on Skype? ›

If your question is about how to add an Australian mobile number as your Skype Number, then the answer is: This is not possible. To get a list of other available numbers, select the "Choose a different location" option.

Does Google voice work in Australia? ›

Like most VoIP services, it can be used for sending messages and making calls as well as forwarding numbers to other numbers. It gives you a way to manage all of your communication from one place. Sounds good right? Unfortunately, if you are in Australia, the best feature is not available.

Is virtual phone number legal? ›

As per rules, for each fake number provided by the company, it has to pay a fine of Rs 50,000,” Hyderabad additional DCP, cyber crime, Raghu Vir said.

Is there a monthly fee for Google Voice? ›

Your Voice subscription

$10 USD per license. For example, if you have 6 users, you're charged $60 USD each month. Supports up to 10 users or licenses for small businesses.

Is a Google Voice number worth it? ›

Feature-rich plans, unlimited calling and texting and helpful call management tools make Google Voice a solid solution for many businesses. If you're debating which VoIP provider is best for your needs, Google Voice is definitely worth a closer look.

How do I set up Google Voice for business? ›

Add a Voice subscription to Google Workspace
  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console. ...
  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu Apps. ...
  3. At the top, click Add Services.
  4. Under Categories, click Google Voice.
  5. Below the Voice subscription you want to add, click Get Started.

Is WhatsApp to Australia free? ›

You can use WhatsApp internationally for free with Wi-Fi; depending on your cellular plan, you may incur international charges for using cellular data on WhatsApp. To preclude international data fees, you can turn roaming off on your phone and still use Wi-Fi.

How can I get free WhatsApp virtual business number? ›

After installing WhatsApp, type your country details and virtual number for the WhatsApp registration process. You will acquire a verification code on your virtual phone system app or desktop. After feeding your SMS verification code into your WhatsApp account, you're all set to use WhatsApp with virtual phone numbers.

How can I get professional WhatsApp number? ›

To set up the WhatsApp Business app:
  1. Download the WhatsApp Business app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Verify your business phone number.
  3. Restore your account from a backup, if you wish.
  4. Set your business name.
  5. Build your profile. Tap More options. > Settings > your business name.

How much is a Google Voice number for business? ›

Get more done with Voice and Google Workspace
Voice Pricing plansStarterPremier
$10 USD$30 USD
Number of usersup to 10Unlimited
Domestic Locationup to 10Unlimited
26 more rows

Can you use a Google number as a business number? ›

After completing the Google Voice setup process, you can start using your Google phone number for business by signing into the web or mobile app. Google doesn't offer a desktop app for Voice.

What's the difference between a personal Google Voice and a business Google Voice? ›

Google Voice Business vs Personal: Users and Locations

The difference between Google Voice Personal and Business is also in the number of users and locations. The Personal Plan is exclusively for the United States, meanwhile the Business plan has available telephone numbers in 13 countries/regions for callers: Belgium.

What are the disadvantages of Google Voice? ›

Cons of Google Voice
  • Works only with other Google apps. GV does have a few integrations, but only within the actual Google service ecosystem. ...
  • Costs more than other VoIP providers. ...
  • Caps users. ...
  • Collaboration is limited. ...
  • Getting the right context takes extra time. ...
  • No toll-free numbers. ...
  • No auto-replies. ...
  • Limited availability.
5 Jul 2022

How long can you keep a Google Voice number? ›

With Google Voice, you get a free phone number for calls, text messages, and voicemail. You can use the apps on smartphones and computers, and you can link your number to any mobile or landline number. *You will lose your Google voice number after 30 days of inactivity. Google reassigns unused numbers after 30.

Is there a better service than Google Voice? ›

Nextiva is one of the best Google Voice alternative solutions because offers multiple advanced telephony features–CRM, analytics, video conferencing, AI, and automation–which make their business phone system a collaboration and customer-outreach powerhouse.

Which mobile number is good for business? ›

Number 8- A number is good for people who work for masses. This number may attract wealth if you work hard. Suitable for people who are in business, educationist, lawyers. Number 9 – It can be a fortunate number.

Do I need a phone number for my small business? ›

A business phone number provides more than a direct line to your company. It also demonstrates your local, national and international presence. Even if the vast majority of your customers are unlikely to call, the simple existence of a phone number presents a level of credibility that customers desire.

Can a virtual number be traced? ›

Anyone who is claiming here that VoIP can't be traced they are completely wrong. Any calling service that links to the official cellular network must have a way to be traced or authorities won't allow it's protocols to be linked with the official celluar network.

Can I create virtual mobile number? ›

You can easily add a virtual number anytime you need one. Unlike traditional phone systems, you don't need any physical setup to get started. This makes it easy to scale your business because you can add any number depending on your business needs.

Can you get a Google number for free? ›

The Google Voice service gives you a free phone number to use for phone calls, text messages, and voicemail on your mobile phone or your computer.

Is Hushed free? ›

It's easy and risk-free to try Hushed. No contracts, no hassles, and signing up doesn't require verification. All new users get to claim a FREE 3-Day trial number with any one-line subscription! Select a U.S. or Canadian number to get three days of unlimited calling and texting, absolutely FREE!

What apps will give you a phone number? ›

11 best second phone number apps
  • OpenPhone. OpenPhone is a modern VoIP phone system built for businesses to help growing teams easily scale their communication. ...
  • Sideline. Sideline is a smartphone app that supports alternate phone numbers within the contiguous US. ...
  • Google Voice. ...
  • Burner. ...
  • TextFree. ...
  • Line2. ...
  • Dialpad. ...
  • Vonage.
13 May 2022

How much does a Skype number cost per month? ›

The paid plans start from $5 per user/month to up to $20 per user/month. For existing Office 365 E5 users, the Teams Audio Conferencing feature is included; if you're using Office 365 E1 or E3, the Audio Conferencing feature has an add-on fee of $4 per month.

How do I get a Skype number for Skype for business? ›

See the steps below on how to check it.
  1. Sign in to your account on this link.
  2. Go to Manage Features.
  3. Click Skype Number.
11 Jan 2018

How do I add a phone number to Skype for business? ›

Add or change a phone number
  1. At the top of the Skype for Business main window, click the arrow next to the Options button. ...
  2. In the Options menu, select Phones.
  3. Click the box for the type of number you want to add or change, and enter the number.

How do I set up Google Voice in Australia? ›

Google Voice saves and processes your call, text, and voicemail information.
Sign up for Google Voice & get your number
  1. Download the Google Voice app.
  2. Open the Voice app .
  3. Sign in to your account.
  4. Review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. tap Continue.
  5. To pick your Google Voice number, tap Search.

Can I use Google Voice instead of a phone? ›

With a VoIP service like Google Voice, you can make calls directly from a computer. Only a connection to the internet is needed to make any phone calls via Google Voice.

Is Google still available in Australia? ›

The alternatives to Google

Google is the dominant search engine in Australia — it has 94% of the web search market in Australia — but there are other search services.

Can virtual phone number receive SMS? ›

What are Virtual Phone Numbers? A virtual SMS phone number enables you to send and receive SMS text messages online over the internet without having to use a physical phone. Like a real phone number, your online virtual phone number is unique to you.

Are virtual numbers safe? ›

Are virtual phone numbers safe? In short, yes. Virtual phone numbers are safer than conventional analogue telephone lines. If you plan to use it for regular calls and messages, it shouldn't bother you that much.

How do I set up a virtual phone number? ›

Frequently asked questions about virtual phone numbers

Several free virtual phone number providers are available online, such as Google Voice for personal use. Simply choose your preferred provider and open an account, choose your desired area code, and begin using your virtual phone number.

Can I get a virtual cell phone number? ›

You can get a virtual number alone or as part of a virtual phone system package. Many virtual phone providers allow you to port your traditional phone number to a virtual one. Having a virtual phone number can make you accessible by phone anywhere, anytime, while maintaining your personal number's privacy.

How do I hide my mobile number when making a call in Australia? ›

Change your caller ID on an Android phone
  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Tap the three dots to open the menu, then tap 'Settings'
  3. Tap 'Calls'
  4. Tap 'Additional settings'
  5. Tap 'Caller ID', then select whether you want to hide or show your number when calling.
2 Sept 2021

Can I get Australia number from Google Voice? ›

Sorry, mate, but Google Voice is a USA-only service. You can't forward Google Voice numbers to non-US numbers, and if you tried to forward an Australian number to a Google Voice number, your Australian carrier would charge you for international long distance.

Can you get a Google number in Australia? ›

Unfortunately, if you are in Australia, the best feature is not available. We cannot access the Google Voice Number feature which allows you to do all your business texting and calling through an alias number without giving away your own personal number.

How can I get a free virtual number? ›

To get a free virtual phone number – that stays free forever – follow these steps:
  1. Select a number. Select a “Free for website” number in a country of choice in Sonetel sign up.
  2. Sign up. Sign up for a free account.
  3. Add free chat to your website.
15 Apr 2022

Can I get a VoIP mobile number? ›

VoIP telephone numbers

With Number People you can get a free VoIP Phone number to use for either business or personal use. A voip telephone number looks exactly the same and costs the same to call.

What is a silent number Australia? ›

Silent (unlisted) number

A silent phone number (also known as an unlisted number) does not show up: in print or electronic phone directories. in operator-assisted directory services, such as 1223. on the phone you call (except for the emergency call service)

How do I disguise my mobile number? ›

Dial 141 before the number you are dialling.

Make the call and 'Number withheld' will be displayed to the receiving party - hiding your number.

What happens if you dial *# 31? ›

Hide Caller ID: *31#

The caller might have hidden the ID intentionally or sometimes it can be accidental. If you want to hide the caller ID dial *31# and press call button.

Does WhatsApp allow virtual number? ›

Does WhatsApp accept virtual numbers? Yes. Whatsapp does allow virtual phone numbers from genuine virtual phone number providers. This number can be used to create a Whatsapp account.

How do I get a VoIP number? ›

First, you must check and make sure you have a good internet connection. You'll then need to choose the VoIP subscription that fits your business needs, confirm your VoIP phone numbers, and select optional VoIP devices. Once that's done, you can begin using your VoIP system on your computer or smartphone right away.


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