Valheim: 11 Best Pieces Of Furniture To Build (2023)

Valheim's world is a cold, bleak, and unforgiving place, suited to rugged survivors and fallen soldiers. But even the most brutish Vikings need somewhere to drown their sorrows in a few tankards of mead and take a nap in front of the fire like a big cat with a beard.

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Introducing the Comfort rating. Your surroundings determine how much of a well-rested bonus you get every time you snooze. The max comfort possible in Valheim is currently set at 17, and here's the furniture that'll get you there.

Updated January 17, 2022 by Ryan Bamsey: As Valheim receives updates and content drops, the game will get more and more furniture items that you can craft and place in your base. We've gone over this list to make sure it's up to date and added some of the newer comfort options.

11 The Dragon Bed: Sleep Like A Real Viking

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Of course, only a Dragon Bed is suitable for a Viking warrior. Even though the pillows seem to be gently whispering the tune of "Fus Ro Dah" into your ears as you try to drift off, the Dragon Bed provides a comfort rating of +2 compared to the +1 of a normal bed.

To build a Dragon Bed you need a Hammer, a Workbench, and the required materials. There are a few of them. 40 Fine Wood, 7 Deer Hides, 4 Wolf Pelts, 10 Feathers, and 15 Iron Nails. Sounds comfortable.

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10 The Hanging Brazier: Stylish And Practical

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Scandinavians are world-renowned for their interior design, and this Viking staple of Norse Feng shui provides light, comfort and will dry out even the soggiest of Viking boots. The Hanging Brazier can be placed on the ceiling. It's hardly the most impressive Valheim build, especially compared to one player's Eiffel Tower, but a humble brazier does the job.

To build one you need a Hammer, Forge, and some materials. 5 Bronze, 2 Coal, and 1 Chain. Chuck some coal in the Brazier and set it on fire. Smoke will start pouring out (don't breathe that) and the brazier will effectively work as a campfire, removing the cold and wet effect quickly. It also provides +1 comfort.

9 Deer Rug, Wolf Rug, And Lox Rug

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These Rugs are crafted from their respective animals pelt with a Hammer (Vikings apparently use a Hammer for everything) and a workbench. They provide a comfort rating of +1 comfort and can stack with each other.

That means you can have a Deer Rug, a Wolf Rug, and a Lox Rug in the same house and get benefits from all three rugs. Not all types of furniture stack their comfort bonuses, so this is actually useful if you're trying to hit that 17 max comfort. You'll need an assortment of bows and spears to take down all these critters.

8 Table: For Meads, Meads, And More Meads

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The humble table, an essential part of any Viking hall. Scored with axe marks and stained with yummy Frost Resistance Meads, the Table provides your Viking home with +1 comfort.

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You only need one table to get the comfort bonus, but you can put a few next to each other if you're going for a more Viking aesthetic. To craft a Table all you need is a Hammer, Workbench, and 6 Fine Wood.

If you want something fancier, however, Round Tables and Long Heavy Tables will provide +2 comfort and require Fine Woof, Tar, and Iron Nails.

Valheim: 11 Best Pieces Of Furniture To Build (5)

What's a Table without somewhere to sit? Originally, Benches and Stools actually reduced comfort by -1, although that has now been fixed. You can slot in as many benches and stools as you want without having a detrimental impact on your comfort rating.

That being said, chairs are the most comfortable with a +2 comfort rating. You only need one to get all the benefits, but you can place down as many as you like.

6 The Raven's Throne: A Throne After Odin's Heart

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While Raven's Throne sort of sounds like a Finnish heavy metal band, it's actually one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture in Valheim. The throne provides a comfort rating of +3.

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Crafted with a Hammer, Workbench, and some materials (20 Fine Wood and 10 Iron Nails) it's also one of the more expensive pieces of furniture you can craft. Worth it though, it's the ideal addition to any valiant Viking hall.

Alternatively, the Stone Throne (made instead with 20 Stone, two Deer Hides, and two Wolf Pelts) will also provide a +3 bonus to comfort and might be a better match, depending on your tastes.

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5 The Hearth: Gather Round, Time To Learn About The Spooky Raven Man

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The Hearth is the next upgrade to the campfire. It provides warmth, light, and more space for cooking stations above the flames. You can't just put the hearth down on wooden flooring (it's a crazy idea, and the game won't let you anyway) and it needs to be placed on a stone floor or the ground.

While outside, the Hearth provides a +1 boost to comfort, but within a shelter, it provides +2. Campfires and Hearths don't stack on top of each other for comfort rating, so just go for the Hearth if you can. The hearth does produce smoke, so you might need a chimney.

Valheim: 11 Best Pieces Of Furniture To Build (8)

There are banners of all colors available in Valheim: White & Red, Blue, Red, Green, and Black. Different banners require different materials, like the White & Red banner that needs 4 Raspberries. That means your character mushes up some raspberries and smears them onto a piece of cloth. You don't even want to know the process behind the green banner. Nice.

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Banners do not stack for comfort rating, so you only need one of any type. Any banner will provide a +1 comfort rating. That doesn't mean you have to be stingy with the banners. Put them everywhere. Banners for everyone.

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3 Maypole: Rare To Find

Valheim: 11 Best Pieces Of Furniture To Build (9)

The Maypole? What on Valhalla is that? You might not have ever encountered this rare piece of furniture, as it only spawns in the middle of Abandoned Villages in the Meadows. It cannot be crafted in the current version of the game, although there is a crafting recipe in debug mode.

Building a base next to a Maypole is a neat idea. It actually boosts the available comfort rating by +1, up to 18. You can't smash the Maypole down to carry home with you, so don't bother. All you get is a handful of dandelions, even though this flower isn't completely useless.

2 The Hot Tub: Relax In Style

Valheim: 11 Best Pieces Of Furniture To Build (10)

A hot tub in Valheim

This late-game furniture item requires a whopping 20 Wood, six Tar, 10 Iron, and eight Stone - and it's worth the investment. As long as it's placed in range, it'll give you a nice +2 comfort rating and makes your home feel a bit fancier to boot.

It's a bit ritzy and a bit difficult to plan a base around, but if you can manage to fit a Hot Tub into your future floor plans it's well worth the time. Adding those extra minutes onto your rested bonus is a huge boon when you're going for late-game exploration expeditions.

1 Christmas Tree: Technically Not Even In The Game

Valheim: 11 Best Pieces Of Furniture To Build (11)

Well, it is in the game, but only if you cheat. The Christmas Tree was an item released in a very, very early build of Valheim and is currently not available in the ordinary version of the game. Unless you open the debug menu, that is.

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The Christmas Tree also provides +1 comfort and boosts your overall comfort rating by +1 as well, which means if you build a perfect base next to a Maypole with a Christmas Tree inside, you can have a max comfort rating of 19.

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