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Paid internships are of general importance to students; imagine gaining knowledge and experience in a field without paying for it; you get income and experience simultaneously!

Many undergraduates and graduates seek internship programs that can pay them, which is why this post has been compiled to bring you all the latest internships in the USA that international students can apply for.

There are specific requirements that international students must possess before doing an internship in the USA, and all of that will also be addressed here in this post as you read further.

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Internship Description

A paid internship is a job often in your chosen field of study, interest, or work that offers a salary or stipend and is combined with training in your field.

For an international student, the USA is one of the most exclusive countries to find internships and job offers.

The country boasts multicultural education goodwill and offers a welcoming environment that makes it fun for many students to find an internship.

Paid internships are common for college students, who may work part-time during the school year and full-time over the summer.


As an international student, the utmost requirement that you must have is that you must have a legal right in the USA to live and work.

Available Paid Internships In The USA For International Students

United Airlines is an equal-opportunity employer. United Airlines recruits, employs, trains, compensates and promotes regardless of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, age, veteran status and other protected statuses as required by applicable law.

Their internships are paid, and course credit hours may be considered depending on the university’s guidelines. Internships include a competitive benefits package sought to keep you happy, healthy and well-travelled.

From mentorship opportunities to benefits like medical insurance and privileges like space-available travel, United is truly a one-of-a-kind internship experience. Are you ready to travel the world?

The Internship Vacancies include;

1. Intern – Global Community Engagement (Summer 2023)

The Global Community Engagement team has two intern opportunities for the summer of 2022. Interns for Global Community Engagement will be working on projects that include:

  • Business Diversity
  • Social Impact Program Coordinator
  • Social Impact Program Coordinator – Volunteerism
  • United We Care – Nonprofit Coordinator
  • Global Community Engagement Brand Advocate
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Qualifications What’s needed to succeed (Minimum Qualifications):

  • Applicant must be a current undergraduate student
  • Must be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs/Policy, PR/Advertising, Communications, or a related field
  • Highly organized and self-motivated, with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to run multiple, contending priorities and ensure attention to detail
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Must be comfortable talking to and collaborating with a variety of partners
  • Confident in performing data analysis to arrive at insights and develop recommendations
  • Proven proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • The position will be hybrid, with time spent at home as well as at Willis tower in Chicago
  • Intern duration is 12 weeks during Summer 2023
  • Must be legally authorized to work in the United States for any employer without sponsorship now and in the future
  • Successful completion of interview required to meet job qualifications
  • Reliable, punctual attendance is a crucial function of the position

2.Intern – United for Business Marketing (Summer 2023)

This role would support three functional areas of the United for Business Marketing team (Events, Marketing and Product). It would be responsible for thoroughly understanding our marketing goals and recommending and implementing solutions that support our business objectives.

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Job overview and responsibilities

United for Business Marketing: Support customer segment marketing efforts through participation in tactical initiatives. Take a leadership role in providing recommendations that support overall marketing strategic objectives. United for Business Events:

Work closely with the Events team to identify pain points in the event delivery and execution process and propose solutions. United for Business Product: Review existing sales product and CRM contact data and propose solutions for product change management.



  • Pursuing a degree in Marketing, Mass Communications, Communications, or Business
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite – must be able to create PowerPoint presentations.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at once
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Presentation skills – comfort with presenting in front of groups, including leadership
  • Ability to review complex information and make recommendations
  • Analytical skills
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  • Experience with creative design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite
  • Basic understanding of marketing principles, particularly business-to-business (B2B)

3.Intern – Industrial Engineering

Internships are paid and Interns are eligible for travel privileges. For this internship, we have two cohorts that we are hiring for: January 2023-June 2023 and July 2023-December 2023.

In the application, you can select which cohort you would like to apply to. This is a full-time internship with the expectation that you are available to work Monday through Friday during business hours.

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Job overview and responsibilities

  • Working on projects in conjunction with business teams to identify opportunities for improvement, gather and analyze information and data, develop improvements and innovations
  • Gathering and analyzing data of United’s various operations to make fact-based, data-driven recommendations
  • Utilizing technical skills and software (simulation in SIMO/ARENA, Excel, VBA, etc.) to analyze and improve business processes and to create tools for use by other departments
  • Performing measurement and analysis (time and motion studies) in different environments, including airports, maintenance bases, customer contact centers, etc.
  • Participating in and contributing to workshops, Kaizen events
  • Presenting compelling findings to business leaders leading to quantifiable improvements
  • Helping develop new projects and opportunities through research and analysis

Qualifications Required

  • Bachelor’s degree or an undergraduate student that has completed courses in basic Industrial Engineering and Statistics
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills with a focus on teamwork
  • Proficiency in Excel and other Microsoft Office products
  • Must be legally authorized to work in the United States for any employer without sponsorship or future sponsorship for a full/part-time position
  • Successful completion of the interview is required to meet job qualification
  • Reliable, punctual attendance is an essential function of the position
  • Positions are based in Chicago, IL (projects may require up to 60-80% travel).


  • Experience with SIMIO/ARENA, SQL, Minitab, Visual Basic (VBA), and other programming tools
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt certification from a recognized institution
  • Relevant work experience

Other Vacancies

  1. Intern – Customer Solutions Intern (Summer 2023)
  2. Intern – Avionics Engineering (Summer 2023)
  3. Intern – Base Engineer (Summer 2023)
  4. Intern – Structures (Summer 2023)
  5. Intern – Airport Operations (Summer 2023)
  6. Intern – Airport Operations (IAH) (Summer 2023)
  7. Intern – Airport Operations (DEN) (Summer 2023)
  8. and over sixty vacancies.
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How To Apply

United values diverse experiences, perspectives, and we encourage everyone who meets the minimum qualifications to apply. While having the “desired” qualifications make for a stronger candidate, they encourage applicants who may not feel they check ALL of those boxes! They are always looking for individuals who will bring something new to the table!

Apply Now

Salary Of Interns In The USA

The average pay for an internship is $15 to $23 an hour

Conclusion On Paid Internships In the USA For International Students 2022/2023

For yourself, you can see the above lists of internships for Paid Internships In the USA For International Students For Students. I can assure you that some of these jobs have an attractive salary, and there are also additional benefits with you learning and working in a conducive environment.

Now’s your chance, with this selection of Paid Internships In the USA For International Students; you, therefore, have no limitation in taking them up in the USA to continue your passion.

The article above gives crucial information related to the Paid Internships In the USA For International Students 2022/2023 for interested candidates to start applying now.


After your search, applying, and finally getting recruited, you can henceforth enjoy a rich and rewarding extra dimension to your life and work to realize your future career.

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Can international students do paid internships in USA? ›

Internships in the USA for international students can be offered with or without pay, and this often depends on the nature of the industry, the specific company offering the internship, and whether there is a lot of competition for available internship roles.

Are international students allowed to do paid internships? ›

If you are inside the US on an F-1 student visa, you must have US work authorization to do an internship, whether it is virtual or in-person. In almost all cases, F-1 students apply for curricular practical training or CPT for this purpose.

How do I get an internship authorization in USA? ›

Criteria for the J-1 Visa

The applicant must be minimum 18 years old. The applicant must have the sufficient English skills to work in a company in the US. All applicants must demonstrate their ability to comprehend and communicate in English. Applicants must be enrolled in an academic program lasting at least a year.

What is the best website for internships? ›

10 Best Websites to Find Internships Online
  • Your university job listing page. Along with the internship websites mentioned above, your university may have a site with job listings, too.

Which visa is required for internship in USA? ›

A J-1 Exchange Visitor visa is required if you are planning an internship or traineeship in the USA. It entitles its holder to participate in exchange programs in the USA. These include internships, trainee positions and high school stays.

Can you do internship on b1 b2 visa? ›

Q: How long do you plan on staying in the United States? If you're taking on a 2-3 month unpaid internship for educational purposes, then the B-1/B-2 Visa is the best choice for you. This option requires that the person not be paid in the U.S. and not be engaged in employment during his or her time here.


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