Money in Italy: Credit Cards, Debit Cards or Cash? (2023)

F.A.Q about money in Italy

Do I need cash in Italy?

Like the majority of countries in Europe, Italy is a cash-based society that has adopted the use of credit cards, however, has not fully made that conversion. It is not uncommon to find corner stores and smaller businesses accepting cash as their only payment method, so make sure to have some hard cash when going out into the city

What is better to use in Italy: Cash or Card?

As of 1st of July 2020, Italy has set a new law that prohibits payments of over 2'000 EUR made by cash, which means that any payment over 2'000 EUR must be paid electronically, such as via a credit card. Carrying that in mind, if you are going out to the city for a day, you can withdraw some cash in case you walk intostores that don't yet accept cards, however, large payments for things like hotel bills should be paid by card.

Can I use my Debit Card in Italy?

As long as your account has enough funds and is not blocked by your bank, you can use foreign Debit Cards to withdraw cash from Italian ATMs and pay via a handheld card reader.

What Credit Cards are accepted in Italy?

The most commonly accepted Credit Cards in Italy are Mastercard and Visa, while American Express is known to be accepted in some places, it hasn't reached the same popularity as the first two yet.

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