Learn To Trade Forex | Forex Trading For Beginners (2023)

Whether you are totally new to trading or experienced but struggling to make a consistent profit, we can help you learn to trade forex with confidence and consistency to achieve your financial goals, earn extra income, or make a career.


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The trader lifestyle is extremely lucrative but requires a serious commitment to improving yourself. The most important thing to focus on is your education and self-development, which will allow you to build a strong foundation as a trader.

No matter what your experience level or location, my comprehensive mentorship program will provide you with a complete understanding of markets and how to trade forex profitably.

This isn’t just a regular trading course! With over 8 years of live trading experience, I will personally teach and mentor you on a 1-to-1 basis to ensure you receive everything you need to succeed, from the start and into the future…


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5 Day Course

A logically structured, complete guide to understanding markets at the highest level, taught live by me on a 1-to-1one basis. You'll learn how and why the markets move the way they do, my entire strategy, rock-solid risk management, practical psychology, and a confident grasp of fundamentals. All of this knowledge has been refined over many years of live trading experience.

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Extra Material

Every session is recorded from start to finish. This allows for enhanced learning and ensures that if a component of the course is forgotten, you'll be able to go back and learn it all over again. Sit the course an unlimited number of times on your own watch. You'll also receive an extremely detailed flowchart breaking down each step of my strategy to assist you.

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Ongoing Support

I never leave any student behind. This is a personal guarantee from me, I will always be there to help and guide you. Striving to stand out from other education providers, I offer free catch-up sessions and welcome students to contact me on Discord or by Email whenever needed. I care about every one of my students, not simply trying to get people in and out of the revolving door.

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Session No.1

  • What is Forex, and how is it traded?
  • How Forex differs from other markets (Stocks, Bonds, etc..).
  • Exploring various trading sessions and styles of trading.
  • Understanding the major players that trade and influence the markets.
  • How to interpret price charts and market phases.
  • Introducing the concept of liquidity, how markets move and find value.
  • A ‘behind-the-scenes view of how orders are processed.
  • A deep understanding of market structure and rhythm.
  • The fractal market theory of price action.
  • Breaking down the jargon to ensure all market terms are fully understood.
  • Becoming familiar with broker platforms for placing trades.
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Session No.2

  • Understanding cross-asset correlations and how to make use of them.
  • How to effectively manage risk to ensure steady returns.
  • Maintaining a positive edge with risk/reward ratios.
  • The powerful ‘R’ concept to better represents trading performance.
  • Common risk management mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Developing a comprehensive knowledge of market structure.
  • The difference between reactive and dynamic support and resistance.
  • How to draw levels properly across multiple time frames.
  • How does price act around support & resistance levels, and what clues does this give us.
  • What makes a level strong or weak, and which to trade at.
  • Where traders often get trapped, how to take advantage.
  • The best place to enter trades and what to look for.
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Session No.3

  • How to read candlesticks correctly and effectively.
  • Understanding the fractal breakdown of how candles are formed on the lower time frames.
  • The different types of candlesticks, what they mean and where to look for them.
  • The combination of multiple candles forms candlestick patterns.
  • How candlesticks can be highly misleading.
  • Using candlesticks to find biases for lower timeframe entries.
  • A deep understanding of the range of technical patterns that can form in the markets.
  • The three ways a pattern can be traded (pre-emptively, on breakouts, or failure anticipation).
  • The inside day failure, three drives, and liquidity probe patterns.
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Session No.4

  • Various Technical tools & indicators are used in the strategy and how to apply them.
  • How trades can be validated using a custom, modified version of Fibonacci.
  • The custom average true range indicator and market exhaustion/mean reversion.
  • Conducting ‘top down’ analysis correctly for the best setups.
  • How to correctly piece all structural knowledge, tools, indicators and price action together to find high probability opportunities.
  • How to effectively place stops and targets and understand why not to place them where everyone else does.
  • It’s not just ‘set and forget, how to manage open trades to increase profits and reduce risk.
  • What to look for in an ‘early exit’, avoiding loss when the market gives you new information.
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Session No.5

  • Fundamental drivers of exchange rates.
  • How bonds work and how bonds can relate to flows in FX markets.
  • Understanding various monetary policy tools, both conventional (interest rates) and unconventional (stimulus).
  • How central banks use monetary policy to control inflation and how the policies affect markets on a day-to-day and long-term basis.
  • Understanding how world events cause markets to move in certain directions.
  • How markets can react to high-impact data, statements and speeches.
  • How do these news events related to possible central bank action in the future?
  • The economic calendar, individual economic indicators and how to trade around them.
  • A full review of the strategy flowchart ensures that all knowledge learnt throughout the course has been properly understood.
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Session No.6

  • A detailed review of the complex psychology of a trader.
  • How psychology affects our decisions both in and out of the markets.
  • How to develop rock-solid psychology to ensure you don’t fall into the traps of the markets.
  • How to create a constructive journal to enhance your performance and learning curve.
  • The functions of a broker and how they make their money.
  • Understanding A-booking and B-booking and how this affects you.
  • Different types of brokers and how to find one that suits you.
  • Why regulation matters, and exactly what regulatory information to look out for.
  • A final check that you’re happy with everything we’ve learnt and that you’re ready to begin your journey!
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Value for Money and an Awsome Strategy!
I really can't recommend Reuben highly enough.. After learning the basics of trading for a few months myself I wanted to take it to the next level and learn an actual strategy, and I couldn't have asked for a better person than Reuben to learn one off! He's very good at breaking down the market and explaining how it actually works, whilst also showing how fundamentals can effect the market. I've certainly learnt a lot more off him than what I was expecting and I'm really excited to now start my trading journey properly. As well as learning a brilliant strategy i've also met a good friend who i'm sure i'll keep in touch with in the future. Anyone out there that is a bit hesitant in starting please don't! You're missing out!


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What is the cost?

The cost for the mentorship program is a one-time fee of £2,499 GBP (payment plans are available for UK citizens). Once that fee is paid, you have access to everything, and you have me as a trading mentor for life - this is real value for money.

Unlike a lot out there in the education space, you will never be left behind, and everyone I've taught can attest to that.

Can I pay with Crypto?

Yes, crypto payment in the form of USDT or stable coins is accepted alongside traditional payment methods.

How flexible are course dates and times?

I am very flexible when it comes to scheduling course days and times. It can be whatever is best for us both, whether that be a session every other day or one session every weekend.

Will this course teach me everything I need to know?

The course contains absolutely everything needed to understand markets and trade using my profitable strategy; no supplementary studying outside of the program is necessary.

Will I be able to start trading once the course is completed?

Absolutely, with the personalized 1-1 guidance to fit your schedule and personality, you'll be able to start trading immediately if you feel confident enough. You're learning a complete strategy in its entirety, allowing you to extract profit from the markets.

What markets is your strategy applicable to?

My strategy is tried and tested across major FX, commodity and equity index markets. I have occasionally used it in highly liquid crypto coins/tokens, but I prefer longer-term investing in the crypto space.

What sort of support will you offer?

Support is available whenever you need it. Catch up sessions on Zoom, trading journal evaluations, or just general questions sent to me via Discord. There will never be any extra charge for this service.

Do I have to be from the UK?

Absolutely not! My mentorship program is available to anyone, anywhere. If you're in France, that's fine; if you're in Antarctica, not an issue (you just might get cold).


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