How Crisp Became The Secret Weapon For Law Firms: A Case Study With Michael Mogill (2023)

Video marketing has long been established as one of, if not the most, important forms of digital marketing available to brands. Yet, too many industries are lagging behind when it comes to integrating it into their marketing strategies.

Among them? The legal profession. Long gone are the days where billboards on congested highways would guarantee a law firm the best cases. In today’s digital age, many attorneys are struggling to keep up with the demands of SEO, page ranking and paid advertising, not to mention maintaining an authentic social media presence. They need a strategic marketing approach to set themselves apart from the rest. Companies like Crisp Video are bringing law firms into the 21st century, cracking the code for meaningful marketing campaigns that drive business results for the modern attorney.

We’ve entered a new era where doing the minimum isn’t cutting it anymore. Over the past two decades, everything we knew about marketing has changed, and many are struggling to keep up with the competition. To be truly successful, you must find what sets you apart from the rest. Crisp knows when marketing is done well, it becomes a law firm’s secret weapon, attracting not only the best, but the highest-value cases. Utilizing video marketing helps humanize your firm, showing potential clients who you are, in addition to what you do. It should serve as a touchpoint for every facet of your business and be coupled with a comprehensive strategy to really take your company to the next level.

Still not convinced? The stats speak for themselves. Year after year, we see marketers increasing their video spend, video watch times rising, and more and more executives preferring video over any other form of content.

But what about where the rubber meets the road: Does video marketing actually increase sales?

According to a 2020 survey by Wyzowl, the answer is overwhelmingly yes. According to their report:

(Video) Recalibrating to Achieve Radical Growth with Michael Mogill, Crisp Video CEO


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(Video) Building a Game Changing Team | Michael Mogill at the 2018 Crisp Game Changers Summit
  • 78% of marketers say video has directly helped to increase sales.
  • 86% say video has helped them increase their website traffic.
  • 84% say video has helped them generate leads.

And yet despite these irrefutable examples of the power of video marketing, a huge number of businesses, and even entire industries, are neglecting to use video to its full potential.

Michael Mogill, the founder and CEO of the legal video marketing and law firm coaching company Crisp Video, and his team are on a mission to change this.

Dedicated to making powerful, story-driven videos designed to help passionate lawyers achieve huge growth, Crisp has become a game-changer for countless independent lawyers and law firms across the country. I spoke with Michael recently to get some insight into how Crisp develops marketing strategy and moves the needle for law firms.

Shama Hyder: The average ROI for attorneys who use your services is 300%. How are you able to do that?

Michael Mogill: The harsh reality is that the legal landscape is changing. It’s not the best attorneys who are able to attract the best, highest-value cases anymore—even if those attorneys are deeply passionate about their work, as all of our clients are.

Instead, it’s the law firms at the very top—the ones with huge resources—who are able to grab most of the market. Those guys, the ones with all the money and market, also have the ability to invest that money, land more cases, invest that money, land even more cases, and so on.

What we do at Crisp is level the playing field, and the way we do that is by improving public trust and perception of our attorney clients.

(Video) Crisp Game Changers Summit 2022 | The #1 Law Firm Growth Conference In The World

We strategize with our clients to find their niche, define what differentiates them from everyone else, and then develop a strategic marketing approach for them with video at its core. Video helps tell the stories of the people law firms tirelessly work to help, and we’re committed to sharing those stories.

Hyder: What are some of the marketing principles that you use to help guide law firms?

Mogill: One thing we always start with when working with clients is identifying their differentiator. What’s their niche?

One of our early clients, an incredible criminal defense attorney named Dan, struggled to get cases because he was competing with another criminal defense firm in his area, a Goliath in terms of resources and market share. Now, Dan was a one-man show—there was no way he could outspend or outwork a firm of the Goliath’s size, and he couldn’t compete with them in the massive field of criminal law.

One advantage Dan had, however, was that he was literally the best of the best in a very specific niche: drug possession charges for interstate travelers on one stretch of highway in Nebraska, where he lives.

We worked with Dan to get his story out there, focusing as tightly as possible on his niche. And within just 30 days of launching our first video campaign, Dan emailed us to let us know he’d brought in $50,000 of new cases.

The lesson here is that every lawyer, every firm, every company has something that they are better at than anyone else in their field—and the only way to stand out and grow is to let your audience know it.

(Video) 27 – Michael Mogill – Becoming the Obvious Choice in Your Market

We also know that our clients aren’t just competing with other attorneys in their field, or even other attorneys in general. Today we live in a world of attention economics, where your content is competing with every other piece of content out there for consumption, and consumers are increasingly filtering out all but the most relevant and most interesting. Generally, this prompts brands to put out even more content, which leads to more filtering out. It’s the attention resource cycle.

Getting caught in this cycle can feel hopeless, but if you recognize it, you can find yourself with a tremendous opportunity. If everyone’s competing for attention using the same tactics, then the businesses that aren’t playing that game—that are instead working to differentiate themselves—start to create a market of their own.

Hyder: Retaining lawyers has become a recent and growing challenge for many law firms. You’ve done extensive work around how coaching and training can help here. What do you wish every law firm knew?

Mogill: Your law firm can’t grow if your team isn’t on board—and giving them the same old growth hacking books, pep talks, and webinars just doesn’t cut it when you’re trying to get to that next level. That’s why we launched our coaching program, Crisp Coach, to help visionary, driven lawyers step into their role as leaders, both within their own law firms and in their communities at large.

As an extension of Crisp Coach, this year we’re also launching the first ever EVOLVE Summit happening June 24-25. It’s the ultimate virtual experience for entrepreneurial law firms. Attendees will walk away with a plan to strategically ramp up their law firm’s marketing, empower and align their teams, grow personally and professionally as a leader, and build the law firm of the future. This is an incredible way to show your team you value them and give them an opportunity to learn.

As Mogill has seen firsthand, effectively implementing strategic marketing campaigns is truly the make-or-break component in a company’s ability to attract and retain more and better clients. Combine that with solid training and coaching, and it is easy to see why some law firms are breaking records while others shrink.


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