Climate of Milan - Climate, weather averages & best time to visit (2023)

Milan has a temperate climate with hot, humid summers and cold, foggy winters.

Summer in Milan

The mix of high temperatures (sometimes above 85°F - 29°C) with high humidity levels make the summer months; June, July and August rather suffocating. Sometimes it is difficult to find refuge from the heat and stickiness.

Winter in Milan

The coldest months in Milan are December, January and February with average lows of 30.4°F -1°C and average highs of 9°C.

The winter months are not especially rainy if we compare them to the months of spring and autumn, but it can snow on occasion.

Best time to visit Milan

If you can choose when to visit Milan, we would recommend visiting the capital of Lombardy during Spring or Autumn, to avoid the hot summers and the cold, overcast winters.

If we had to choose we would say that the worst month to visit Milan is August. It is the hottest month of the year and in addition, the city is practically empty, since the Milanese take their summer holidays during this month. This is the best time to visit the Italian lakes.

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