Backend Developer Resume for 2023 [Examples + Template] (2023)

The logic that underpins the operation of websites and web apps is developed by backend developers using databases, programming languages, and site design. Backend developers work on tasks including cloud technology and API integration, security setups, the deployment and upkeep of content management systems, and web server technologies. You should be skilled in computing languages and frameworks, informed about accessibility and security regulations, and well-versed in organization and communication to excel in this field. Do check out some Backend Engineer Course to help you get a job.

With the assistance of our professional resume examples and recommendations, create your first-rate Backed Developer Resume:

Resume Format - Backend Developer

We will run you by everything a resume includes and show how it is done precisely to the point.

1. Create Solid Backend Developer Resume Structure

You can create an impressive Backend Developer Resume structure by following our article as below:

  • Name and contact details
  • Career Objective
  • Qualifications
  • Skills summary
  • Professional experience
  • Achievements
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Interests/hobbies
  • Link your GitHub

Backend Developer Resume for 2023 [Examples + Template] (1)

You can find a few backend developer CV examples in this article too.

2. Work Experience Section

The experience part is the focal point of your backend developer resume. Here, you must demonstrate how well you meet the demands of the employer by highlighting the quantifiable outcomes from your prior employments. Without even any clutter or other material, it must be focused on the particular job post.

If you need any assistance creating your success statements, free resume generators include all the necessary assistance and will guide you through the entire process step-by-step.

This is an example of what success may look like on a back end software engineer resume:

  • Took the team's lead in.NET Core, CQRS, and Microsoft azure migration from ageing infrastructure to current stack.
  • Existing systems were updated to handle the content, mobile, and bespoke account management business verticals.
  • Provided architecture and integration rules for deploying web sites and load balancing.
  • SQL queries for the system's high-load components were optimized, which increased website responsiveness and cut database expenditures by 20%.
  • Multilingual material resources, a pluggable payment processor architecture, and cloud computing for RIA support and business fulfilment application have all been integrated successfully.
  • Developed an e-commerce digital distribution platform using.NET and Azure cloud architecture that is utilized by 200,000 people globally.
  • Used SQL Server and ASP.NET MVC to build and maintain more than ten websites.

What if You Don’t Have Work Experience?

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According to experts, if you lack sufficient years of experience in Backend Developer Resume, your abilities and talents will assist you get the job. Hence, you should work on them and display your own projects that have its implementation.

3. Contact Information

It identifies you and provides contact information for the employer. Ensure that your data is correct and clear to read. If not, the recruiting manager won't be able to get in touch with you for a meeting. Add Mobile Number, Email and etc.

4. Add Your Education

Include the date of graduating and your best academic achievement (a bachelor's degree, for example) in your Backend Developer Resume. Also include further education, experience, or credentials that may be relevant to a career as a backend developer, like "Certified Web Developer" or "Backend Web Development Certificate." Have included college's name and address where you received your credential.

5. Include Backend Developer Skills Tailored to the Job

This section can be divided into two categories in backend developer resume sample: Hard Talents and Soft Skills. In the first, place a focus on technical skills and knowledge like web development, Javascript, Python, or software development. Mention intangible qualities like great communications and interpersonal skills, the capacity to operate in time-sensitive circumstances, and organizational skills under "soft skills."

You may achieve this by reading the job description carefully and modifying your CV to highlight the particular programming systems, languages, and programmes they're looking for in a candidate.

Here are a few illustrations of technical talents, sometimes referred to as hard skills, that you may typically find on resumes for back-end developers.

The best hard competencies to list on your Backend Developer Resume as a back-end developer

  • Languages for back-end programming: Python, PHP, Java, and C#
  • Back-End Framework: Spring Framework and ASP.NET Core
  • languages used in front-end web development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Typescript
  • Angular, React Native, and WPF are front-end frameworks. Xamarin is the mobile framework.
  • APIs for operational routing: Toutific and OnFleet
  • databases: MySQL, Oracle, and MSSQL
  • Version management: TSF, Git
  • AWS, Azure, or even other cloud service expertise
  • Security conformity

Don’t forget to add these in your java backend developer resume

The best soft talents to list on your Backend Developer Resume as a back-end developer

  • Skills in communication, creativity, and analysis
  • Management of time

6. Summary or Objective

Highlight your most pertinent abilities, qualities, and experiences in backend developer resume summary while limiting the comprehensive overview to a few succinct phrases. Align your professional knowledge with your strongest skills. In the recruiting sector, for instance, a resume sample for a backend engineer with 10 years of expertise in responsive website development and maintenance would be appropriate.

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You can find a number of resumes on our site including backend developer resume examples.

7. Use Action Words to Strengthen your resume

Action verbs and action words are interchangeable in resumes. In a functional resume, these terms or phrases work best for conveying accomplishments, professional experience, and skill sets. Using resumes action verbs makes you stand out from other applicants and captures the recruiter's attention.

Advocated, developed, finished, demonstrated, planned, enabled, estimated, expedited, fixed, established, investigated, amalgamated, managed, operated, revamped, tested, transformed, utilized, updated are a few examples of strong action words for a resume.

This page includes many categories of résumé action words:

Team Player Resume Action Words "Leadership" Synonyms "Willing to take responsibility For" Power Words "Communication"

8. Add Extra Sections to Your Resume

Normal resume components like the summary, job experience, education, and abilities should be included in your resume. However, if you want to recruit managers to take your Backend Developer CV seriously, you must offer them something more.

Backend Developer Resume for 2023 [Examples + Template] (2)

You may do this by including initiatives from your own life on your resume, which will also help you stand out as a contender for jobs. Some even claim that this portion is essential for anyone searching for work as back-end developers.

By the way, there is a method to include your prior work on your CV even if you are restricted from discussing them due to an NDA. Our comparison of resumes and non-disclosure agreements may be useful.

What more would you add to a section like that, though? It can include anything coding projects that you have developed independently and according to your own schedule, such as a blog, a mobile phone app, or a personal website. It will demonstrate to the prospective employer your enthusiasm for programming, which they like!

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In addition, it demonstrates your abilities as a coder. Do check our backend developer resume tips, for this.

Simply make a new section named "Side projects" or "Personal projects," including each project's title, a brief explanation, the tools and technology you used, and offer links to the relevant pages..

Awards & Certification:

This part is a fantastic chance to demonstrate the hiring manager that you enjoy staying current with new applications and technologies.

  • Add additional cloud-based certifications and pertinent courses to the education area or a separate section titled "Courses & Certificates".
  • In reverse chronological order, list your certifications, starting with the most recent. Remember to include:
  • URL or code for the certifying authority's name
  • Any dates that matter


Show all the languages you know including linguistic and programming languages both have their own kind of impact and aware the hiring manager about your plus points.

Like Python, PHP, Java, and C# etc.

Interests & Hobbies:

Making a list of your skills and attributes and then deciding which ones would be most helpful to highlight in your resume is often a smart idea. You may also include your abilities and talents in this section because they are closely related to your interests and pastimes.

9. Write a Backend Developer Cover Letter

Businesses no longer ask for cover letters, but some employers still request for cover letters. Additionally, the email you send to the hiring team to apply serves as a cover letter.

(Video) Guide: Front-End Developer Resume (Any Level of Experience)

You may get an employer's attention with a compelling backend developer cover letter, increasing your chances of getting a job interview. Knowing the proper structure and information to employ can help you write a cover letter that will help you land the job. Use our simple cover letter generator to start writing your own by looking at our ideal Backend Developer cover letter sample.

Always keep in mind to refer back to the requirements specified in the job description of the position you're applying for while creating a Backend Developer cover letter. To demonstrate to potential employers why you are the best applicant for the position and stand out from the competition, emphasize your most noteworthy or unique qualifications.

Best Practices to Make It Easy to Scan

Do make sure that the important keywords or lines are able to be read easily or follow the below:

  • Clearly segment each area using bold headlines to make navigating simple. Limit length of your resume summary to a few concise lines.
  • You should list your tasks and accomplishments in one-line bullet points.
  • Keep your resume's typography basic and tidy throughout.

Do’s and Don’t's

DO go over your resume once more before hitting submitting it. Both your résumé and underlying development hinge on error-free effort. Before sending it, read it over several times and fix any typos or misspellings. You have the opportunity to check your information to ensure it is accurate by proofreading your application. Use a resume creator to design your curriculum vitae for an added advantage.DON’tforgetto includeall ofthe position-specific keywords in the curriculum vitae.The majority of businesses now screen candidates using application tracking systems (ATS) that look for keywords associated with job requirements. Don't forget to use keyword and phrases from the job description in your application. If the position, for instance, stresses "Java, NodeJS, plus knowledge of API development," then include examples of your prior work in all these areas in your abilities part if you have this expertise. In your description, you might say something like, "Expert Backend Developer with developing an interactive API for six different iOS apps." To uncover keywords associated with the company's objectives, identity, and principles, you may also visit company website. 
DO use statistics and data to quantify yourscholastic and professional achievements. It's nice to tell a prospective employer that you've achieved success in the past, yet it's even better to provide figures and statistics that demonstrate your accomplishments. Use quantifiable data and statistics to back up your claims of success and demonstrate how you put your skills to use. For instance, "Developed and constructed 10+ corporation websites using SQL servers and.netframework MVC," or "Optimized SQL queries to increase website performance, resulting in 17% cost reduction."DON'T overwrite your resume.Employers examine resumes for only a few seconds on average, or we should say they just skim and scan it, so make sure what they are viewing is crucial. Concentrate on your most important abilities first and then professional achievements from prior positions that relate to this particular job posting. Avoid using long sentences and opt instead for bullet points and snappy words. Aim for a CV that is no more than two pages long.
DO value the value of soft talents. Soft skills are simple to overlook in the haste to showcase technical expertise in a developer CV. However, the position also requires teamwork, so having the appropriate soft skills will demonstrate to employers that you will approach the position with the appropriate mindset. Focus on soft skills including teamwork, communication and presentation skills, multitasking, and time management. Visit our article on the Knowledgehut for getting aFullStackWebDevelopmentCertificationforan extensive listof soft skills.DON'Tutilizecomplete sentences; alternatively, use short, snappy phrases. There is no requirement for whole sentences like "My competence includes understandingof LAMP stacks." Put "Awareness of LAMP stacks" or "Knowledge and experience with LAMP stacks" in its place. You should avoid using first-person pronouns like "I" or "me" in your bullet points and job experience.

Backend Developer Resume Example [Templates]

Download the Backend Developer resume template (PDF) here!

1. Junior Backend Developer Resume

Here is a junior backend developer resume(PDF) here!

2. Senior Backend Developer Resume

Download the Senior Backend Developer Resume (PDF) here!

Top 10 Skills for a Backend Developer Resume

The following can be added on your backend developer skills resume

  • Java & PHP.
  • Web development cycle.
  • Technical analysis.
  • Project management.
  • Time management.
  • API integration.
  • UX improvement.
  • Leadership
  • Cloud computing
  • Communication.


You now understand the five essential elements your back-end developer resume must have knowledge about what is Web Development course and how to get one in order to stand out to hiring managers. To sum up, check that your resume contains:

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  • Executive Summary
  • Technical Expertise
  • Experience at Work
  • Projects
  • Qualification

Remember that if you lack professional experience, projects may be used in place of experience, and education can be pushed to the front of your resume.

Of course, a CV is only the beginning. You'll also need an online web development portfolio exhibiting your greatest work, as well as a customized cover letter for each job application.

Want to gain an advantage in the market for web developers? Think about taking the KnowledgeHut Backend Engineer course.


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